We aim to provide:
  • an online support network of people who share the struggles and questions that arise
    from living as a christian with chronic illness and/ or disability.
  • spaces to discuss disability and chronic illness theology
  • a church who love and support

About YouBelong

Hi! My name is Laura and I am the founder  and director of  YouBelong. YouBelong started out of a personal experience with chronic illness. Shortly after becoming ill, I became a student again and completed a degree in theology, ministry and mission, but instead of answering questions about faith, the Church, and life with a chronic illness/disability, it raised more questions.

I very quickly realised I was not alone in trying to work out life with a chronic illness and what that means for me as a christian, so I started a Twitter page to bring together others like me so as we could do life together. and empower and support one another. Within a matter of weeks, I had decided on the name of the group, created social media accounts, purchased a domain name, and a website and now we’re here! 

about 1/3 people are disabled...

yet this figure is not represented in churches

most people (about 2/3)

feel uncomfortable speaking to a person with a disability – both in and outside of the Church!

the majority of churches

do not enable or allow people with disabilities to be church leaders.