Our mission:


We aim to give chronically ill and disabled christians:

  • an online support network of people who can also have a chronic illness or disability and share the struggles that come from living as a christian whilst facing the questions and problems that arise from chronic illness/disability.
  • platforms to discuss disability and chronic illness theology via our blog posts and social media pages
  • a church who love, support and empower them

About YouBelong

YouBelong started out of a personal experience with chronic illness. Shortly after becoming ill, I went on to complete a degree in theology which, instead of answering my questions about faith, the Church, and life with a chronic illness/disability, caused me to ask more questions.

I very quickly realised I was not alone in this, so I wanted to build a community of others like me and help the Church to help those who need the support and empowerment that is currently either inadequate or unavailable. Within a matter of weeks, I had decided on the name of the group, created social media accounts, purchased a domain name, and a website and here we are....

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approximately 18%

of the British population are disabled

yet this figure is not represented in churches.


many people

feel uncomfortable speaking to a person with a disability - in and outside of the Church!


churches are not willing to accept or allow

people with disabilities can be church leaders

"To be churches that love and serve well those affected by disability, we must look beyond an individual ministry to who we are as the body of Christ." - Kim Kira

Looking Forward...

Step 1

To make connections with Christians with disabilities or chronic illnesses and identify key issues in relation to church, faith and life with a chronic illness/ disability and bring more people on board with YouBelong so as a wide variety, of otherwise silenced, voices can be heard.

Step 2

To work alongside individuals and organisations who are already supporting people with chronic illnesses/ disabilities, to create resources and training programmes which can be sent out to churches who have a desire to learn more about a variety of disabilities and chronic illnesses and how they can support these people within their church and community.

Step 3

To pull together a list of churches in the UK who have used the resources provided and completed the training programme so as individuals who previously struggled to find churches nearby that would be welcoming and accessible for them, could now identify and attend churches approved by YouBelong.

Step 4

To see people of all abilities being connected into churches and feeling welcome, not just as a member of the congregation, but also as a leader. Further still, I want for all churches who identify as 'accessible' to be equipped to minister to, and support, people who are home or bedbound in their conmmunity and build relationships with them. Ultimtely, I want to ensure people are not leaving churches because the have been told they 'need more faith'and for more and more people who would otherwise be at home on a Sunday, to attend, feel welcome and be part of a church community not just online, but also offline if they desire, without disability or chronic illness stopping them.

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