About YouBelong

At present, the Church as a whole is not ready to support, care for or work alongside people who live with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

This is where YouBelong comes in...

What do we do?

As of Spring 2020, we have spaces on Twitter and Facebook for people to gather and discuss life events, currrent news items relating to the Church, Christianity, theology, chronic illness and disability. It's a great place to share life together - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

We also have a weekly virtual home group on Facebook where we meet on Wednesday at 8pm to pray, worship, read the bible and discuss the 'topic of the week' together. This is great for people who are unable to attend a physical group and all are welcome and encouraged to join! 

We also have a blog which has new posts going up once a week here on the website (see blog) where you can read our thoughts and the thoughts and experiences of our guest bloggers who we ask to share here too. 

Last year:

In 2019...

YouBelong started out of the personal experience of disability and experience of how the Church often responds. It began with the creation of a social media pages and an award winning blog.

This year:

In 2020...

We started our virtual home group, started learning BSL and  started studying theology and disability. In the coming months, we plan to expand the home group to become a more formal online church and increase our team.

Next year:

In 2021...

We hope to have established the online church, connect with church leaders to help raise awareness of disability theology within churches and start producing training programmes and resources to better equip the Church.
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