Transitions (life update!)

I am going to start this post with a personal life update and the reason for the topic this week. Almost 2 weeks ago, I handed in my notice at work, the place I spend 2 days a week and where I get my income from. There are multiple reasons for doing this but the main reasons are my continual struggle with balancing work with pain and fatigue and the desire to put more time and effort into YouBelong to give it the chance to grow in a new way and hopefully, help people.

As of the new year, YouBelong will be the main focus of my week days and I could not be more excited! However, it is a big change and with change comes a dose of fear. Transitions, particularly ones that result in a less sure income, change in routine and people you see day to day, are often scary. Although I am so ready to get stuck in and see what happens, I also have, what I am going to call, the transition terrors.

Arguably, one of the most famous transitions in the bible is the Israelites journey from slaves to free, but more than that, from being fed and sheltered (even if only basically), to finding themselves out in the desert without protection from the elements and with no food or water easily available.

We can’t deny that God was involved in making this happen – He parted the Red Sea so they could cross safely and then closed it down on top of the Egyptians so they couldn’t catch up to and harm the Israelites. You might be wondering why God, who loved His people and freed them from slavery, would leave them in a desert place. Well, the Israelites did too and they brought that up to Moses who told them they just need to trust God and His plans for them. As you may know, they didn’t listen. They got angry at God, even after He sent them manna – food from Heaven! A few years on though, we can retrospectively, that God was working in that time and that the transition, although difficult, was worth it.

This gives me a new level of confidence in God and peace in my situation as although there are a lot of uncertainties and aspects where I feel like I will be worse off leaving work, I feel this is where God is leading me. I will likely come across moments where I feel like I am walking the deserts alone and struggling to find food and water (metaphorically speaking only I hope!), but if God is in the plan, He has a purpose and will provide.

Autumn is a key time of change in the year so being in that time as I go through transitions in my own life makes it easier to remember that though the leaves change colour, when they do so, they are beautiful! Then, they die and fall off BUT they grow back again. The tree doesn’t die, it just changes and adapts to what is going on around it and that is exactly what we have to do, with God guiding us every step of the way.

Are you in a place of change and transition right now? If so, we’d love to hear all about it and walk the journey together. If you feel comfortable doing so, email us at or message us on Twitter or Facebook.

Posted: 12/11/2019 17:05:41 by You Belong

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