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Faith, Pandemic and.... Being Deaf

When I woke up from the surgery that took my hearing, God reassured me that, in possibly the darkest time of my life, He was still with me.
The night before surgery, I’d listened to Handel’s Messiah.
‘I know that my Redeemer liveth.’

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
John 1:5

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Getting Ahead of Myself

I was so eager to REconstruct that I failed to complete the DEconstruction process first. So here I am, tearing down everything I knew and believed and holding on to that last bit of faith that God is there and strong enough to handle me pulling Him apart and putting Him back together again.

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Opening Up and Being Vulnerable

I have felt that I should share this blog post with you for a while now but have been unsure what to say exactly and how to say it. After a weekend of deep thinking and conversation, I knew that today would be the day but I am still nervous because I know I need to  make myself vulnerable at an emotional and spiritual level. Unfortunately, many people still view vulnerability as weakness. I believe this not to be the case so I am going to share what has been going on in my life and the impact that has had, and will have, on YouBelong with you now.

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When I think of the word 'Unleashed' which is the topic of Spring Harvest this week (check out the videos here:, I think of when we used to take the puppies out for walks. They were fairly good at walking nicely on the lead but as soon as they saw an open grass area or a field, they pulled toward it, desperate to get off the lead and investigate it. As soon as we unleashed them, they were off like a bullet!

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Praise to Hatred, Celebration to Resentment.

Jesus was perfect, and for a moment, the people recognised that. They knew He was the one who could save them, and He was worthy of praise because He is the Son of God. However, the waving palm leaves turned to thorns and flogging, the praise turned to shouts of anger and hatred and the cries of 'Hosanna!' changed to 'Crucify him!'.

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